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[Solved] Rotate Along Path in After Effects - After Effects Quick Tips and Tricks

Updated: May 30, 2022

Hey everyone, if you are facing the issue where the rotation of the object isn't following the motion path of the object then you are not alone. Rotating an image along with a path might seem difficult, but it is one of the easiest steps you can do. Right here we have a very basic position animation applied to this rocket image.

Unfortunately, it is not moving according to science. we want the rotation of this rocket should follow the path so that it looks normal.

We can do it very easily. right-click on your layer, go to the transform, and right here at the bottom, we have this auto orient option.

Just click on it, and a new window will appear. just select this orient along with the path option, and then hit okay.

It will follow this path. Now we just need to change the rotation of it, so that it stays straight at the beginning.


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