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50 Minimal and Clever Logo Design Ideas

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

When it comes to Logo Design, there are a plenty of ways to make it. But keeping it minimal and creative is a real deal. This is what impress me all the time. So in this blog post I am sharing 50 Creative and Minimal Logos, which can be an Inspiration for your next Logo Design.

Nine Labs | By Logomotive

A Meeting Of Great Minds | By crealiza

Agent | By AndreasZaugg

AnimalToday | By Logomotive

Artists United | By Logomotive

Bones | By TimKim

Broken Goggles | By Fogra

Chair | By SrinivasanRajan

CityDirect | By Logomotive

Contrast | By younique

Craft | By AndreasZaugg

Crap | By Alexandar

Creative Block | By Logomotive

Doctor | By Dalius

Drop | By cream5

elefont | By Logomotive

Flash | By FlasHTME

Focus | By Wizemark

Genius | By janzabransky

HERMAN Windows | By Etu

High | By FlasHTME

Honey | By SrinivasanRajan

Horn | By Alexandar

Horse | By Rox

Hotel | By storozhev

INSTAQUOTE | By Logomotive

InShop | By Wizemark

Jump | By InaBasholli

KNIFE | By Logomotive

Lamp | By InaBasholli

Microwave | By Alexandar

Monster | By cream5

Mutation | By Alexandar

On | By InaBasholli

PM Monogram | By Etu

Rabbit | By InaBasholli

Roostar | By Logomotive

Shy Child | By Fogra

Sick Radio | By Etu

Sundial | By Alexandar

Sync | By Alexandar

Techworks | By Logomotive

TicToc | By Logomotive

Umbrella | By Etu

Vegan | By Alexandar

WEBINTERACTIVE | By janzabransky

Warning | By InaBasholli

Water | By younique

Waterfall | By Alexandar

Wave | By AndreasZaugg


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