Animation - Life To Your Imaginations

Updated: Apr 19

Do you ever imagine how boring our life would have been if Tom and Jerry would have just stood there on the screen with the audio in the background? What makes it interesting and worth watching is the numerous hours put it by the creators in the form of Animation. It is a method wherein one manipulates pictures to make them appear as if they were moving.

Ways to add Animation weren’t always the same. The Traditional way was way different as in 20th century. The images were drawn or painted on paper, one slightly different from the other and then traced on transparent sheets called Celluloid or Cel that are filled with vibrant and different colour tones.

Nowadays,(sincere thanks to Walt Disney for saving and savouring our Childhood), most Animations are made with the help of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) which is highly detailed and efficient. It makes the image appear so real that you almost believe that Thanos is snapping his fingers, right in front of you or that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the real Terminator.

Now a complex system like this has to be vast and has numerous branches. There are different types of Animation like 3D, 2D, Stop Motion, Motion Graphics and many more. Let's take a look how they are different from each other.

2D Animation

2D or 2 Dimensional animation creates movement in a two-dimensional artistic space, Means no true depth, and no Blobby characters. Just flat and vector looking images. It gives a good overall outlook to the pictures and make them move in definite yet acceptable manner. A big shout out to our Tom and Jerry and Rick & Morty who have an attractive presentation with just the right amount of movement followed by correct audio sequence. Softwares like CelAction, Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe Animate CC are used by vast group of companies as it is easier to grab and provides more options than basic Animation softwares.