Graphic Design: How Much Should You Charge Clients

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

If you are working as a Graphic Designer or web designer, then the questions come into your mind is that how I should charge for my service or how should I set the working timings etc. Some of the questions that come into Graphic Designer mind while charging their clients are:

  • What should I charge?

  • Should I go for per project rate or hourly billing?

  • Whether my client can afford my fees or not?

  • What is the market rate for this service?

Let’s now understand how the charges are set by the freelancer Graphic Designer!!!!

How Much Should You Charge Clients
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Setting Hourly Time or Project Rate

As you are a self-employed person, not a salaried person, so you must only concern about your cost, your profitability or how much you want to invest on your business The main advantage for setting the hourly rate is that you are paid for the work you do. To track the time, you can use the time tracking software and you must also have a solid focus while working on your project. Some of the graphic designers don’t find an hourly rate

as a good option as because they can finish projects quickly and hours worked is not the only price consideration..