How to Make Gaming Logo Intro in After Effects - After Effects Tutorial For Beginners.

Updated: May 30

Don't want to follow this tutorial? We have an easy way for achieving this result.

Open after effects and create a new composition. I'm calling it glitch logo intro. As always, I'm using the 19 20, by 10 80 Resolution, at 30 frames per second, and my duration is 10 seconds longer. The first step is to import your logo into your project And place it on the timeline. Open the scale, and adjust the scale of it. Now right-click on it, and choose precompose. I'm calling it logo comp. Select move all attributes into the new composition and then hit okay. Now go to the effects and the presets, and search for the Vegas. Place it onto the layer, and let's adjust a few settings. First, change the blend mode to transparent, and then open image contours. Here, change the channels to alpha. It will use the transparent value of your logo, to show the outline around the edges. If you don't have any transparent logo, Then you can select the intensity. Now change the segment value to 1, And then the length value to 0.2. We will animate this stroke later. Let's Scroll down to the bottom, and change the midpoint opacity value to 1. And change the color to the same as the logo. You are free to use any color you want. Let's animate the stroke now. Go to around 15 frames position, and add a keyframe on the length. Then go to the first keyframe position, and change the length value to 0. It will have this Basic stroke animation. Now go to the first frame, and add a keyframe on the rotation. Then go to around 5-second position, And change the first rotation value to 1. Check the animation, and this is how it looks. If you want the duration of the logo animation about 6 seconds, make sure to place the end keyframe on the 6 seconds.

Now check this random face, and the stroke will appear randomly. You can also play with the random seed value to get a different look. Perfect. Now select this logo comp, and make a duplicate of it. I'm going to use a different color for the stroke. Right now both strokes are showing On top of each other, So go to the first frame, and change the rotation value to a different one. Let's Keep the value at 70 degrees, and this is how the stroke will look now. Much better. Let's add some glitches now. Create a new adjustment layer, and call it a glitch. Then go to the effects and the presets, and search for the VR digital glitch. Place it on the layer, and it will add this nice-looking glitch to the layer. But we don't need this glitch to show all the time, so I'm going to keep a small portion of the layer, by splitting it into a small parts. Use the control, or command shift D on your keyboard, to split the layer, and delete the long portion. As you can see here, I have only a few frame glitches. You can adjust the duration according to your requirement. Now select both logo comps, A