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PDFelement - Affordable, Robust, Smart PDF Editor

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

While sitting idle one evening, I just decided to write a book. After creating a PDF file for my book’s first draft, I realized that I had to edit the manuscript with necessary formatting. Though there are various tools available in the market to perform the task but either they were too difficult to operate, or they were too costly. After doing research for months, I decided to buy PDFelement software to edit my PDF files. And the best thing is, it is also available for the Android and the iOS Platform, which means I can edit my PDFs on the go. Anytime, anywhere!!

I downloaded PDFelement software from the Internet. PDFelement software is available in two editions:

  • Standard

  • Professional

Professional edition has more features such as automatic recognition, OCR, Bates numbering, form data extraction, PDF file batch processing, scanning to PDF files, support for PDF/A, file size optimization and more.

Standard edition just has the minimum tools that are required to edit PDF file.

Finally. I installed the PDFelement Professional for windows. PDFelement software can be easily downloaded from the Official Website. An online installer downloads and installs PDFelement software on your computer. Once, the PDFelement software is downloaded, it can be activated with the help of license key.

As I was extremely excited to buy PDFelement software at an affordable price. When I worked on PDFelement software to edit my PDF files, I found it as a full-fledged PDF editing solution mostly used for Windows and Mac. It is also famous among internet users as it is easy to use as well as it is cost-effective that offers an affordable solution with a modern interface to edit PDF files hassle-free.

After getting familiar with PDFelement software, I found that it offers us full control over our PDF content, and PDFelement software package comprises almost unlimited transformation possibilities. The interface is literally a no-brainer, and navigation relies on simple, yet fully-optimized UX designs. PDFelement software extends its support to small and big organizations to create a streamlined design, array of top-notch features, automatic form recognition along with form data extraction. I was delighted to edit and create beautiful forms with only one-click, as PDFelement software includes many ready-to-use templates.

PDFelement software includes a modern user interface that is visible all across for the different menus. The options are arranged in the form of tabs. The UI ribbon helps in keeping the menu uncluttered. The ribbon of the PDFelement software can be pinned or unpinned. The changes in the text and graphics, adding attachments or performing OCR can be performed with the help of PDFelement menu.

Now let’s discuss the different features that are offered by PDFelement software, which I found extremely useful while working with PDF files.

To edit and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

The PDFelement software provides you with the full over your PDF files. This software helps in adjusting from fonts to styles without affecting the original formatting of the document. We can also scan files with the help of optical character recognition that makes the document searchable as well as selectable in more than 20 languages. The spellcheck feature of PDFelement software fixes the small mistakes and typos that can occur in your document.

PDFelement OCR

To create and combine PDF files

PDFelement software has a special feature that helps in empowering the creation of content. PDFelement also helps in conversion of a file into professionally looking PDF format. It also allows merging of different files and reorganising pages regardless of original settings. It also helps in the creation of batch PDF as well as prompting indexing method to organize the files effectively and efficiently.

To extract and convert PDF documents

PDFelement software helps in converting the files in to HTML(Hypertext Mark-up Language), images( .jpg or .jpeg), text files(.doc) etc. You can also split the larger documents into several smaller doc files with different formats. PDFelement also helps in retrieving the content of files into the desired location as well.

To create fillable PDF forms

PDFelement software also allows you to create user-friendly and eye-catching forms to increase the user experience at an event of one-click. PDFelement allows you to add all desired fields, buttons, and boxes to an already existing form, or build a whole new one using some of their beautiful templates.

To offer a new level of text editing

PDFelement provides you with a most useful feature of text editing that fixes the offline document and ensures that the formatting of the document is not at all affected. It leads you to change words, lines or entire paragraphs with the help of intelligent paragraph recognition technology.

To offer outstanding security

PDFelement offers the best practice to secure your document in the world of hackers. It offers different security features such as to create and manage your own digital signatures, to make passwords with the help of 256-bit AES encryption technology, to assign authorization and authentication roles.

PDFelement Password Security

To Review and Comment

PDFelement is designed for teams rather than individuals, thus it offers a suite of integration features. It will be incredibly easy to comment, mark and highlight documents, add stamps and annotations, and add a familiar set of shapes and arrows to distinguish a document and help your team understand how to proceed.

To Customize

PDFelement allows you to develop your own forms with different controls such as buttons, checkboxes, and text fields. It also allows you an advantage to create your own pre-made templates by hand. On top of that, this system makes it possible to turn scanned documents into operable and fillable files which you can then export in the preferred format.

To Remove Backgrounds

PDFelement makes it easy for you to remove the background of your PDF document. You won't need to spend a large amount of time erasing it manually or retyping your PDF documents from scratch. This will provide you with a clean canvas to add a new background.

To Add/Remove Watermarks

A designer while working with logo or watermark can create or update image or pattern in paper that appears as various shades of lightness/darkness when viewed by transmitted light while working with PDFElement6 software.

PDFelement Watermark

Does PDFelement is a better option than Adobe Acrobat?

After doing considerable amount of work with PDFelement software. Let’s now take a look at how PDFelement software offers an edge to the user over Adobe Acrobat to edit and manage the PDF elements.

Though I found it quiet affordable as well as useful PDF editor, it definitely depends on your opinion to rate the PDFelement. The different versions are available for Windows and Mac with a free 30-day trial period, so you can try them out for yourself. Right now they are offering 50% off discount, for a limited time of period. So make sure to check it out today!

2 commenti

Jonald Gómez
Jonald Gómez
26 gen 2019

hmm, i'll check it out.

btw, can I edit scanned docs?

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Nora Hill
Nora Hill
26 gen 2019

I really liked the the user interface, it looks similar to Microsoft office. That makes it look familiar to a dumb person like me. Being a write, I can now focus on my words, instead of looking at the tools. Thanks for sharing it.

PS: I am already using it for about 3 month. ;)

Mi piace
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