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Role of Sound Effects in Motion Graphics

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Motion graphics [can be created using After Effects, and Adobe Creative Cloud Softwares] helps in adding more life and motion to anything from title credits, presentation or other multimedia entities. Can you imagine a movie without any sound? How boring it would be to watch a movie without any dialogues? Sound effects are the foundation of motion graphics. The sound effects can be background tracks, dialogues, other sound design elements along with different mood enhancements sounds. Let’s take an example of a horror scene where a face appears suddenly with a harsh sound effect or a sound of a laser wand zap.

Editors and motion graphics designers create visually stunning graphics, but without a captivating sound design, it would be not at all interesting. The variety of tool is offered by Adobe Audition CC for importing, sculpt and finesse your sound in sound design while working with motion graphics video in a timeline. Each sound is tenderly and precisely created from scratch, using modern and classic techniques to capture the perfect essence of each sound concept.

Creation Of Sound Effect

You must be amazed to know that realistic sounds are recordings of actual sounds. These types of sounds are created by recording the actual sounds that may be edited or enhanced. The pitch, intensity and other aspects of the sound are edited to make it more realistic and effective. Sometimes the sound is created only digitally by using software and sound equipment to recreate the intended effects. But such types of sounds do not seem must realistic. These sounds are easily available in sound effect libraries.

Now you must become familiar that how these sounds play an effective role in creating motion graphics.

Role Of Sound Effect

Whenever you design a movie or a motion graphic, then you can use multiple sound effects. This can make the scene more realistic, as in reality there are many sounds in concurrent. You can also use several subtle sounds such as fabric rustling, light footsteps, and quiet conversation in the background of a film can make otherwise uncomfortable and unnaturally quiet scenes convincing and lifelike.

You must also become familiar about the other important sound effect for motion graphics as Foley effect.

What Is Foley Effect?

In the movie or video sound effects can also be recorded live and added to the visual footage post-production. Foley effect is created using various props or some stock effects. You can also add reverberation to Foley tracks to make the sound more effective and realistic. Foley effect is often subtle background noises but can also include loud and noticeable sounds too.

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