Typography - Make Writing Fun.

We just love when our favourite movies gets our adrenaline kicked in with just flashing the name. Like the slimy effect in Goosebumps or the sharp edges effect in IT, helps us know a little more about theme of a movie. But ever wondered how is it done? There is a technique of arranging type (the text that we write) in order to make the writing appear more readable, eye catching and logical called Typography.

Goosebumps - Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group

It can also refer to applied style, arrangement of letters in a text. Just like we need to find a perfect groom (wink, wink) , to find a perfect arrangement of type we need to select various things such as spacing, type faces (fonts) etc.

Even if you’re not a designer by any means, everyone like to decorate. Typography Design refers to work relating to fonts and letterforms. You get to add the grooves, decorations, play with words (and get paid for it.). So fun?!

New startup? Finding a suitable match is no child’s play. It requires an eagle’s eye and an ant's hard work (feels like I work in a zoo). You need to keep up (not with the Kardashians) but changing trends in design to leave and everlasting effect. And this is where a Logo kicks in.