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Typography - Make Writing Fun.

We just love when our favourite movies gets our adrenaline kicked in with just flashing the name. Like the slimy effect in Goosebumps or the sharp edges effect in IT, helps us know a little more about theme of a movie. But ever wondered how is it done? There is a technique of arranging type (the text that we write) in order to make the writing appear more readable, eye catching and logical called Typography.

Goosebumps - Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group

It can also refer to applied style, arrangement of letters in a text. Just like we need to find a perfect groom (wink, wink) , to find a perfect arrangement of type we need to select various things such as spacing, type faces (fonts) etc.

Even if you’re not a designer by any means, everyone like to decorate. Typography Design refers to work relating to fonts and letterforms. You get to add the grooves, decorations, play with words (and get paid for it.). So fun?!

New startup? Finding a suitable match is no child’s play. It requires an eagle’s eye and an ant's hard work (feels like I work in a zoo). You need to keep up (not with the Kardashians) but changing trends in design to leave and everlasting effect. And this is where a Logo kicks in.

Typography Logo Inspiration can come from various of samples that one can find online from sites like Google fonts, Fonts 1001, Envato Elements or you can always mix and match some up. These sites give numerous of fonts to download keeping you up all day!

Most Famous Typography Logos

Now, when one needs to play and manipulate with the typography, what’s better than asking Photoshop? (Please don’t call the owner of the software). Text designer in Photoshop can help you to seamlessly carve out mind blowing text effects.

Before designing you must be needing groovy, high quality font styles to light up your texts. 3 main styles you’ll find are:

• Serif

It is, you can say from the royal family of fonts and is mostly used in professional and co-operate based designs. It can be recognised by its tail like finishing in each alphabet. For eg. Vogue, Forbes (all the Richie Richs).

• Sans-Serif

This style is already available in most of the Windows Operating System. It is most readily available and widely used. ‘Sans’ basically means without, which in this case is 'without tail'. For eg. Futura, Helvetica.

• Decorative

This style is mainly us and our imagination kind. They are completely customised as per our will or you can say tailor made. The type and lettering used is very artistic and appealing in a way that no other font style is. For eg. Any movie’s poster.

Some other font styles are Tattoo (zap your work a little), Retro (join me in the 90’s?), Script, Scribbled, Comic, Calligraphy (posh!), Scary (what’s that behind you?), Graffiti, Brush and endless more.

Now, how would you like if your newly made text comes in rolling or jumping making catching everyone’s eye? Text animation not only helps you to give some effects to your text but it lets you pick up the desired background and throw in a little music too, you’ll have your party at your workplace!.

Mr Robot Animation GIF by Matthew Butler

There is something just so mesmerising about the Avengers movie title that just raises hair on one’s arm. Film Title Design describes the craft and design used in the motion picture's title sequences. Same way to keep the ending light and simple, Film End credits also use easy and smooth font styles like Arial or basically any bolder sans serif font for final touch.

Madagascar: DreamWorks Pictures

In Short: Typography enables us to play with the words and lets you add designs and animation in order to make it appealing. There are mainly 3 common font styles but numerous of different categories to choose from. From film titles to magazine covers, all of them use different typography.


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