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Easy Lyrics Maker Template - After Effects Template Free Download


Hey everyone, Welcome back again. I have made a previous Lyrics template, which you can watch from this link:
Now, it was a little complicated, but now, I came with a very easy method. Just a few clicks and the Lyrics video is ready. Though not as cool as the previous one, but worth trying. This tutorial is also going to cover lyrics video editing app, lyrics video making, how to make lyrics video, how to make lyric edits, how to make lyrics video after effects, how to make lyrics for a song, lyrics tutorial, lyrics tutorial after effects, song lyrics video editing, lyrics template free download, free lyric video template after effects, after effects lyrics template free download, after effects lyric video template free, song lyrics template free download, and more. So take a small break, and get your lyrics video ready.

Software Required
After Effects CC18+
1080p, 30 FPS
Plugins Required
Total Size
3 MB
Up to 10 Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

• Is There Any Hidden Fee For Downloading This Project?
No, Everything here is completely free. You don’t have to pay anything.  

• Can I Use It Without Getting Any Copyright Strike? 
Yes, All our projects, products, and templates are designed specifically while keeping this in mind so you don’t have to worry about any copyright strike.

• What does This License Cover?
This is a royalty-free license, which means you can use this product for your personal, as well as commercial projects.

• Can I Upload These Files On My Website/Service?
Unfortunately No. We don’t allow anyone to re-upload any file on their website/servers or any cloud services.

• Do I Need To Write Your Name For The Credits?
This is optional, we don’t have any rule for this. You are free to include our name if you like. :)

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